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UNSC Phoenix-Class Colonial Support Vessel
Our Price: £16.00

Fans of Halo will undoubtedly recognise the unmistakable profile of the Phoenix-class Colonial Support Vessel, the most famous of which is known by the name Spirit of Fire. Replete with its Pelican Boarding Craft our version of the Phoenix-class brings UNSC players a new Large size model with which to assemble their fleets. This blister contains 1 Phoenix-class, 3 Pelicans, flight stand, overlays and rules.
Covenant Battles Blockade Runner
Our Price: £18.00

This old warship dates back in the history of the Covenant and has been reconditioned for use in battle. But do not let its age fool you, the Covenant Blockade Runner is a formidable medium sized vessel used to strike fast and hard against the enemy. In Halo: Fleet Battles we deploy the ship either solo to a formation base or escorted by an ADP. This blister contains 2 Blockade Runners, 2 ADP Escorts, flight stands, overlays and rules.