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Covenant of Antarctica Descartes Class Battleship
Our Price: £15.00

The Descartes Class hull is designed to deliver powerful and focused devastation to the troublesome foes of Antarctica.
Republique of France Gascony Class Battleship
Our Price: £15.00

Swift and graceful, and able to dart about the waves as if it were dancing, the Gascony is able to effortlessly engage enemies with its powerful fore Torpedoes, while its Retardant Armour plating lends the vessel a degree of durability in a firefight.
Russian Coalition Pakhtusov Class Battleship
Our Price: £15.00

Flanked with a massive, thunderous broadside, the Pakhtusov class Battleship charges mightily into battle with massive over-clocked engines, boosted with a powerful, yet unstable, Sturginium fuel load.
The Corsican Incident 2 Player Box Set
Our Price: £60.00

The Corsican Incident is an exciting 2-Player Battle Box which features 25 highly detailed models, TWO full colour rulebooks (Dystopian Wars 2.0 and Fleet Action), tokens, templates and dice.