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The Relthoza Apex Class Dreadnought
Our Price: £26.00

The pinnacle of Relthoza vessels, the Apex closes with the enemy at an ominous pace, cloaked in a shifting field of light and a plethora of sensor foiling technologies. Then, once in position, it releases a hellish torrent of short range craft, assault pods and crushing weapons fire primed with voracious nanites, reducing the enemy to drifting wreckage in moments.
The Relthoza Theridion Class Carrier
Our Price: £18.00

The Relthoza are rightfully feared for the swarms of deadly Short Range Spacecraft that surround their vessels. Supplementing powerful broadside arrays with a host of versatile attack craft, the Theridion and its complement can output formidable firepower once within optimum range.
The Relthoza Nexus Class Battleship
Our Price: £18.00

Despite a certain reputation, Relthoza military society is shot through with ritual, tradition and a keen awareness of honour. What undermines cross cultural appreciation of this rich and textured mixture of martial values is the sheer alien nature of its precepts. Whereas the warrior societies of Terra, for example, valued the dispatch of a foe eye to eye, a Relthoza warrior is more likely to appreciate and emulate the best ambush kill. The more surprised the foe, the more helpless, the better.
The Relthoza Weaver Class Battle Station
Our Price: £17.00

Few races think of assaulting a Relthoza world - and the harsh planetary conditions they favour are just one reason for that. The Weaver Battle Station is another. The Relthozan mastery of fold-space technology means an apparently undefended research station, or world rich in minerals, may suddenly be shared with the fearsome profile of the Weaver – bringing its nanite-laced brand of death with it.
The Relthoza Raptor Class Battlecruiser
Our Price: £13.00

Comprised of towering K’ss’ar’k warriors armed with advanced nanite rifles and supported by swarms of robotic drones, Relthoza boarding parties are feared by space farers across the quadrant. Raptor Battlecruisers dedicate much of their volume to assault teams and their launch pods. Supplemented with crushingly powerful broadside batteries and shrouded in trademark stealth technologies, their approach is enough to put all but the boldest enemies to flight.
The Relthoza Araneaea Class Shunt Cruiser
Our Price: £9.50

Housing Fold Space Drives far in advance of those used by most other races in the sector, the Squadrons of Araneae Cruisers can perform mid-battle 'shunts'. Entering Fold Space for short range jumps, this ability to instantaneously travel across a battlefield allows them to swiftly reinforce faltering elements of the fleet, or spring unpredictable ambushes that catch the enemy completely unaware.

The Relthoza Huntsman Class Heavy Cruiser
Our Price: £8.00

The Huntsman are frequently found buried amongst the enemy, hurling hull-dissolving shards in every direction and relying on their high armour and repair-nanites to remain fully operational whilst they lay waste to the opposing Fleet.

The Relthoza Assassin Class Cruiser
Our Price: £7.50

The combination of nanotech Cloaking Fields and brutally efficient close range weapons makes the Assassin Class Cruisers both aptly named and the integral core of every Relthoza Fleet.

The Relthoza Venom Class Destroyer
Our Price: £7.00

Lurking, completely concealed, the Venom Destroyers wait until the last moment before springing their ambush. When an enemy has strayed into striking distance, they reveal their presence with an unending torrent of nanite-infused shards. Able to inflict brutal damage on targets in several firing arcs at once, an unwary foe that manoeuvres their fleet too close will not survive long after discovering their mistake.

The Relthoza Nidus Class Frigate
Our Price: £3.50

Screened by a cloak of sensor disrupting Relthoza vessels, these lighter vessels form a formidable picket against any enemy which tries to outmanoeuvre the Relthoza Fleet. The Nidus Class also bring a small complement of Short Range Spacecraft, either additional assault craft to inflict more damage or interceptors to thicken the Relthoza defences.