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The Directorate Persecution Class Dreadnought
Our Price: £26.00

Combining a vast array of plasma turrets with close range projectile gunnery, this Dreadnought exceeds the other vessels in its fleet in raw firepower by a significant margin. With boarding assaults by elite, genetically and cybernetically enhanced marines to supplement its awe-inspiring armament, the Persecution is the perfect tool to bring opponents of the Directorate to heel.
The Directorate Dominance Class Carrier
Our Price: £18.00

Easily tailored to be a ferocious assault carrier with an expanded barracks and more powerful engines, or an invaluable support vessel with a larger SRS complement and crippling cyberwarfare weapons, the Dominance is a versatile tool. Its location masked by sensor-foiling Cloaking Fields, the Dominance is both a deadly weapon and an elusive distraction.
The Directorate Eliminator Class Battleship
Our Price: £18.00

To design a battleship that would fulfill the role of a heavy vessel in the Security Fleets, the Directorate's multifarious ship design companies collated mounds of data on all known battleship chassis. From the new Dindrenzi and Relthoza classes being laid down to order, to cam footage of Terran, Aquan and Sorylian vessels, the scientists poured over all the information they could find to design something that went one stage further.
The Directorate Firewall Class Battle Station
Our Price: £17.00

Of all the parties in the current conflict, the Directorate are the most difficult to predict, the most mercurial in nature. This is true when it comes to defence as well as offence, as the Firewall Class Battle Station attests to. Difficult to locate, to track on sensors or to lock weapons onto, Directorate automata reply with cyberattacks, plasma laced with pathogens and torpedoes which smash through ships ruined defences.
The Directorate Deterrent Class Battlecruiser
Our Price: £13.00

A large central reactor powers swift drive engines, lethal plasma turrets and dense energy shields. Their far-reaching and flexible turret systems allow these Battlecruisers to skirt the enemy, evading their optimum targeting range whilst methodically eroding their defences. Then, crushing torpedo salvoes loaded with toxins tailored to eliminate crew, disrupt computer systems or dissolve bulkheads slam home, spreading chaos and confusion through their squadrons.
The Directorate Tormentor R&D Cruiser
Our Price: £9.50

Equipped with the most sophisticated cyberwarfare technology produced by the workshops of the Directorate, Tormentor Squadrons overwhelm their prey's electronic defences. Worming their way in to the enemy's networks, they shut down key systems at pivotal moments in battle, rending the enemy defanged and helpless in the face of the Directorate guns. Commanders can use the versatile power of the Tormentors to achieve a variety of shadowy goals, often more insidious than simple destruction.
The Directorate Subjugator Class Heavy Cruiser
Our Price: £8.00

The Subjugators form an elite assault force. Durable armour and cloaking technology shrugs off enemy attention as they wait for their moment to strike. Focused plasma fire then peels apart one target, whilst genetically enhanced, cyborg marines mount a ferocious boarding assault against another.
The Directorate Abraxas Class Cruiser
Our Price: £7.50

Using plasma turrets with a 360 degree firing arc, the Abraxas can weave amongst the enemy, keeping their advanced weaponry trained on the most vulnerable prey.
The Directorate Nemesis Class Destroyer
Our Price: £7.00

Employing every advanced anti-detection technology available to the shipwrights of the Directorate, the Nemesis stalk their prey in pairs. Skirting the edges of an engagement, they are all but invisible to targeting sensors and, unopposed, they are free to focus their deadly batteries of plasma turrets on distant foes. Precise cuts are incised through the hulls of key vessels, aimed to sever power cores, knock out engines and leave the enemy helpless and foundering.
The Directorate Hostility Class Drone
Our Price: £3.50

Entirely automated Hostility Class Drones shut down the systems of important enemy vessels with assault torpedoes loaded with complex viruses and vicious combat robots.