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If you are looking for a particular model then come here to find all the Terran Alliance models available individually.
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Terran Alliance Ares Class Carrier
Our Price: £18.00

The Ares' huge hangar bays have the capacity to accomodate huge numbers of Short Range Spacecraft, allowing the Terran fleet to field attack craft in overwhelming numbers, put up an impenetrable wall of interceptors or surround their reliable vessels with swarms of support shuttles to keep them running even under the heaviest fire.

Terran Alliance Tyrant Class Battleship
Our Price: £18.00

Previously only available in the 'Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla' 2 Player Battle Box, the Tyrant Class Battleship is now available to buy separately from the Spartan Games Online Store. Overall scores in resilience, reliability and adaptability were impressive, so the board had no hesitation in approving the rapid production of the Tyrant Class as the new mini Battleship of the NTSC.

Terran Alliance Apollo Class Battleship
Our Price: £18.00

The latest reinforcement to the Terran Alliance war effort could very well be their most formidable ship yet. Taking advantage of the latest technology at their disposal, the Apollo Class Battleship offers the Alliance new hope in their ongoing struggle against the Dindrenzi Federation.

Terran Alliance Palisade Class Battle Station
Our Price: £17.00

Mass produced in the days of the old Terran Satellite Charter, the Palisade Battle Station has undergone many upgrades since the onset of the aggressive Zenian incursions into the Storm Zone. Arrayed with masses of coil drivers and atomic-powered lasers, set behind layers of powerful shields, Palisades defend critical points across Alliance space.
Terran Alliance Marshal Class Battlecruiser
Our Price: £13.00

Sustained volleys from the Battlecruiser's twinned torpedo systems inflict telling damage from the outset of battle; easily blasting apart lighter craft or hammering through the defences of larger vessels with coordinated salvos. Then, when embroiled in the thick of the action, fearsome close range turrets can reliably penetrate the thick armour of the enemy's heaviest craft, while extensive shielding systems absorb their return fire.

Terran Alliance Aegis Class Shield Cruiser
Our Price: £9.50

The Aegis strengthens the already formidable energy shields of the vessels around it. Distributed through the heart of the Terran Fleet, every vessel sheltering in their umbrella becomes a sturdy redoubt, and the largest ships all but impervious to long range fire. With these invaluable vessels interspersing the formation, the Terran advance becomes an inexorable march to victory.

Terran Alliance Hauberk Class Heavy Cruiser
Our Price: £8.50

The Kauberk is one of the most dangerous brawling vessels in the galaxy, its well-shielded hull housing a formidable array of weaponry. This firepower can be used to either engage multiple weaker craft simultaneously, or combine its versatile turrets with powerful broadsides for deadly, concentrated salvos.

Terran Alliance Teuton Class Cruiser
Our Price: £7.50

Flexible vessels able to tailor their systems for speed or defence, the Teuton Class Cruisers can serve well in any role their Admiral chooses.

Terran Alliance Artemis Class Destroyer
Our Price: £7.00

Aptly demonstrating the destructive potential of Terran nuclear weaponry, the Artemis squadrons adopt a prime firing position and then wait patiently for the enemy to move in to range. Advanced countermeasures make targeting an Artemis impossible whilst it lies in wait. Then, a single volley will blaze nuclear fire through the heart of a dense formation, annihilating the target with raw force and damaging many others in a surge of radiation.

Terran Alliance Missionary Class Frigate
Our Price: £3.50

After a close range assault from a full squadron of Missionary Class Frigates, turrets and broadsides launching volleys of crushing projectiles or burning lasers, no foe will be left standing.