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Aquan Prime Sorylian Collective Terran Alliance

Whole fleets move in graceful cohesion, shattering opponents with blistering firepower. Now roused to anger, the Aquans are lethal foes for any Zenian foolish enough to cross them.

Though initially outnumbered, the Sorylian border fleets have proven redoubtable in fighting the Zenian League. The Alliance of Kurak will surely receive a huge boost when the full might of the Sorylian military juggernaut is unleashed on their enemies.

While the Terran Alliance is no longer the supreme power it once was, its days of glory have by no means finished. The Terrans will fight tooth and nail to defend what is theirs, and the scarred face of Dramos bears mute testimony to their awesome power.
Dindrenzi Federation The Directorate The Relthoza

The Dindrenzi are determined to avenge Dramos, but more than that, they believe they are the true heirs of star-faring humanity. They will not stop until Terra itself lies beneath the Dindrenzi heel.

Hated and feared in equal measure, the Directorate's fleets have acquired the darkest of reputations within the Alliance of Kurak. They come not only to destroy, but to abduct and pillage.

The Relthoza favour tactics of stalking, ambush and swift, lethal strikes to cause terror in their opponents. For once the enemy are driven away their vulnerable territories will be ripe for conquest.
The Alliance of Kurak Zenian League Marauders

From the savage Veydreth tribes to the enigmatic Tarakians, the vengeful Ryushi, tough-minded Terquai and the Xelocians flotillas; all have answered Kurak's call to defend both the Storm Zone and their own dominions from the looming threat of the Outer Reach invasion!

The scheming Kedorians and militant Illosians seek power and vengeance; the ruthless Ba'Kash war booty and the intimidating Works Raptor plunder of a far more sinister kind. But, heavily policed by the Rense System Navy, the League's actions ultimately support the Dindrenzi crusade.

Many spacefarers have become involved with the conflict in one way or another; either because their former quiet territories have been wracked by violence, or because the vast conflicts have created unrivaled opportunities for profit!