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Seven major nations make up the Dystopian Legions game, each with a host of models for you to choose from.
Kingdom of Britannia Prussian Empire Federated States of America

The Kingdom of Britannia holds dominion over an empire upon which the sun will never set and, as one would expect, the defence and policing of these lands has long required The Crown to uphold a tremendous body of professional soldiers.

The great Prussian Reichswehr has proven itself throughout its history to be one of the finest fighting forces ever to have devastated the surface of the Earth.

Eschewing the rigid formations employed by the majority of the European forces in favour of a more flexible and responsive military, the core units of the Federated States' Armies are the Federal Infantry.
Empire of the Blazing Sun Covenant of Antarctica Republique of France

Although the smallest of the great powers, the Empire of the Blazing Sun have carved out an influence far greater than their modest territories would suggest.

The enigmatic Covenant of Antarctica is the world's youngest and most unorthodox nation, and has caused seismic shifts in global politics and scientific advancement in the few short years of its existence.

The spirit of France has never been broken, and the legacy of its Revolution lives on. A fierce patriotic pride burns bright in the heart of every citizen, and it is this that has carried the Republique through every tribulation it has endured since the fall of Napoleon.

Some commanders will enter all kinds of dangerous alliances in order to get the upperhand on their enemies. See what mercenaries are available to you, and let them add a dose of sheer brutality and ruthlessness to your force.