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Kingdom of Britannia Prussian Empire Federated States of America

With its forces worldwide working up to take on both old and new enemies in the east and to the west, the Kingdom of Britannia is once again prepared to demonstrate why they have been noted as such a formidable power for so long.

With these forces at their disposal, the Prussians will not rest until their enemies are thrown back from the borders, and their power is secured in Europe once more.

Backed by their country's vast industrial potential, the FSA military is ready to take on whatever the world throws at them. The Americans are coming and, as the performers on Broadway would say, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!"
Empire of the Blazing Sun Covenant of Antarctica Republic of Egypt

With these forces at her disposal, the Empress Shinzua hopes to force the Britannians to a deadlock and secure her empire from the grasping clutches of any other ambitious foreigners.

The enigmatic Covenant of Antarctica is the world's youngest and most unorthodox nation, and has caused seismic shifts in global politics and scientific advancement in the few short years of its existence.

Tough and ruggedly built, the Egyptian military is a force to be reckoned with. Seeking a national identity that transcended the murky undertones of its former strife, this nation has reinvigorated Egyptian identity by calling upon its glory days, from a time when it was unsurpassed in marvel or wealth, the Egypt of antiquity.
Republique of France Russian Coalition Grand Coalition

The spirit of France has never been broken, and the legacy of its Revolution lives on. A fierce patriotic pride burns bright in the heart of every citizen, and it is this that has carried the Republique through every tribulation it has endured since the fall of Napoleon.

The Russian Coalition is one of the greatest powers on earth. Its ruler commands the people, wealth and resources of over a sixth of the world's entire landmass. And yet, still it is not enough for him.

The Grand Coalition has emerged mostly because of the efforts of the Kingdom of Britannia to secure steady allies against the combined Blazing Sun and Prussian attacks on its territory.
Imperial Bond Mercenaries and other ships

The Imperial Bond began as an agreement between the Empire of the Blazing Sun and Prussian Empire. It was the formation of the Imperial Bond, and the later London Raid by the Prussian Empire that it inspired, which turned what had been two separate conflicts into a full World War.

Some commanders will enter all kinds of dangerous alliances in order to get the upper hand on their enemies. See what mercenaries are available to you, and let them add a dose of sheer brutality and ruthlessness to your force.