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Spartan Games is excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of Planetfall - a fast-paced, action packed game of massed 10mm armoured and infantry conflict set in the Firestorm Armada galaxy.

Devastating tanks, sleek aircraft, crushing artillery, orbital drop-ships and elite infantry forces fight over objectives, each side seeking to achieve their objectives at the expense of the other. Planetfall uses an igo-ugo system, with an activation mechanism based around Helixes - the building blocks of every race in the game. Games are tactical, combat is ferocious, and the gameplay engine is built around Spartan Games’ established Exploding D6 mechanic, making it fast and intuitive.

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Battle for Proteus Prime is an action-packed two player game set in the exciting Firestorm Planetfall Galaxy. Discovery of a hidden technology has turned the surface of the long-abandoned world of Proteus Prime into a deadly warzone as the Aquan Prime and Directorate battle for victory.

The Firestorm Planetfall Galaxy is populated with a plethora of races, including the Terran Alliance, Sorylian Collective, Aquan Prime, Dindrenzi Federation, Directorate and Relthoza. And on top of these core races we have numerous Alliance Races to choose from.

Getting started with your games of Firestorm Planetfall? This is place to pick up your rulebook and other gaming essentials.
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Space Stations, Military Installations and sci-fi buildins. Models and pre-printed terrain to help bring your Firestorm Planetfall gaming table to life!