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Aquan Prime Mega Bundle

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Product Code: FAMB54

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Included in this Mega Bundle is one of each major Aquan Prime boxed set saving you 20% compared to buying them individually. You also have the option to add each of the Firestorm Armada core books at HALF PRICE. To do so, simply make your selections in the dropdown menus above.

Aquan Prime Patrol Fleet

In battle, the Aquans are faster and more manoeuvrable than the ships of any other race. This allows them to run circles around their cumbersome enemies, slicing precision cuts through their hulls with powerful laser weapons, whilst nimbly evading their hasty return fire. Operating as a precisely orchestrated shoal, Aquan ships are particularly adept at calling targeted strikes against enemy systems to cripple and isolate dangerous enemies - blunting weapons, knocking out engines and setting up targets for annihilation. With flexible weapon systems that can fire in all directions at once of focus their energies into powerful coordinated strikes, the Aquans can dominate the battlefield, push their enemy on the back foot and bleed them drive before they can land a powerful blow. Through finesse, cunning tactics and formidable laser fire, Aquan Admirals can pick their foe to pieces in a series of precision volleys, and emerge victorious with minimal losses.

Contains: 1 Maelstrom Class Battleship, 4 Isonade Class Cruisers, 4 Chimaera Class Frigates, 1 upgrade components for a Namazu Class Heavy Cruiser, 1 Large SRS token, 1 Small SRS token, 2 A5 Token Sheets and 1 Pack of Tactical Ability Cards

Aquan Prime Carrier Group

The Aquan Prime is famed for the volume of expertly piloted Short Range Spacecraft it can bring to battle. The Charybdis Class Carrier is an efficient way to ensure you have enough SRS present to swiftly overwhelm your opponent's defences and, with solid armour and trained crews to keep the SRS fighting, their deadly payloads will hit home again and again.

Contains: 1 Charybdis Class Carrier, 3 Kappa Class Escorts, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens

Aquan Prime Dreadnought Group

This box set contains a Kraken Class Dreadnought, along with the SRS tokens which it can launch and the Kappa Class Escorts which can accompany it in battle. Boasting laser systems more powerful than any other vessel in the Fleet and shielded in armour of astonishing resilience, this Dreadnought forms the deadly and unbreakable core of the most potent Aquan shoals. With unending waves of Short Range Spacecraft, clouds of mines, laser batteries and torpedoes loaded with corrosive chemicals, the Kraken wreaks devastation wherever it passes.

Contains: 1 Kraken Class Dreadnought, 3 Kappa Class Escorts, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens

Aquan Prime Cruiser Group

Unmatched in speed, the Isonade Class Cruisers temper their fragile armour with an amazing agility that makes accurate targeting incredibly difficult. Darting in and out of the enemy's reach, they incise crippling cuts that leave their target dazed and floundering. In contrast, the Namazu Class Heavy Cruisers mount deadly firepower in all arcs, allowing the squadron to launch multiple devastating strikes at once when moving through the enemy's formation.

Contains: 4 Cruiser Hulls and the parts to make either 4 Isonade Class Cruisers or 4 Namazu Class Heavy Cruisers

Aquan Prime Battlecruiser Group

The Orcas are exceptionally swift for their size and powerful mid-range lasers lance out from every face. With deadly torpedoes and wings of short range spacecraft to supplement their main weapons, these Battlecruisers can encircle the enemy, crippling their systems, weakening their hulls and picking apart their defences before they close in and let their bomber craft finish the task.

Contains: 2 Orca Class Battlecruisers, along with the SRS tokens which they can launch

Aquan Prime Destroyer Group

Although not as swift as most Aquan Commanders expect from their vessels, the Stingray’s broadside laser banks can sear through hulls at impressive distances. Employed on the flanks of a Fleet, they shield themselves with stealth technology whilst blunting any offensive drive that threatens the Aquan force. Then, in the later stages of a battle, they turn their weapons on the largest prey, operating in concert with the Fleet to eliminate the most valuable targets.

Contains: 3 highly detailed resin Stingray Class Destroyers

Aquan Prime Frigate & Corvette Group

This box set contains two full Squadrons, one of Snapper Class Corvettes and one of Chimaera Class Frigates. Both Squadrons grant fast moving offensive punch to Fleets of the Aquan Sebrutan. The Chimaera spears fearsome cutting lasers from every surface to engage targets in multiple arcs, whilst the vast shoal of Snapper Corvettes dodges through fire in to point blank range, before unleashing a swarm of punishing torpedoes and speeding away to safety.

Contains: 6 Snapper Class Corvettes and 4 Chimaera Class Frigates. Highly detailed resin and pewter models

Aquan Prime Battle Carrier Group

This box set contains a Dagon Class Battle Carrier, along with the SRS tokens which it can launch and the Kappa Class Escorts which can accompany it in battle. Larger, more heavily armed and better protected than most other Carriers, the Dagon can carve a path straight through the enemy Fleet. Able to match the enemy's Battleships for firepower, this Battle Carrier cuts away their defences with precise laser fire, before its bomber craft launch multiple destructive attack runs in rapid succession to deliver the killing strike.

Contains: 1 Dagon Class Battle Carrier, 3 Kappa Class Escorts, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens

Aquan Prime Planetary Defence Group

There is no safe approach to a Vortex Battle Station, every angle covered by dozens of powerful laser blisters, able to form delicate but deadly lattice-works of energy wherever an enemy appears from. The flights of small attack craft that the station also houses are more than sufficient to finish off whatever manages to push forward through this blizzard of fire. This box set contains a Vortex Battle Station and a Squadron of 4 x Cyclone Defence Platforms. The Cyclone has been purpose built to shore up the defences of Sebrutan worlds blighted by the repeated incursions of the Directorate and their nefarious associates. Of incredibly tough semi-organic construction, the Cyclone is able to bear and blunt the thrust of an attacking force, buying time for escape - or retaliation.

Contains: 1 Vortex Class Battle Station and 4 Cyclone Class Defence Platforms

Aquan Prime Guardian Shoal

Aquan strategies for waging planetary warfare have been adapted both from their peacetime colonisation methods and necessity – with no need to find a clear landing site, Aquan ships typically head directly for a deep body of water close to their intended area of operation. Diving into the oceans of a planet from space makes the initial phase of an Aquan assault extremely difficult to resist. Once deep in water, troops and equipment may be gathered and deployed to objectives in a more leisurely manner protected from much enemy attention by a watery cloak.

Contains: 1 Nectridea Class Carrier, 4 Limulus Class Assault Cruisers, 4 Antiarchi Class Frigates, 2 Large SRS Tokens, 2 Small SRS Tokens, 1 scenery sheet and 1 booklet

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