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Corsairs Brigand Class Cruiser

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The Brigand Class cruiser is the backbone attack craft of many corsair fleets. Based upon an ageing Terran ship hull, the Brigand was once a colony fleet defence craft. Thousands were constructed, and as such these vessels have ended up scattered all over the far corners of known space from Muishkin’s Rift to the Outer Reach.

But while once a reassuring sight for colony craft, the Brigand’s shark-like profile is now guaranteed to strike fear into any merchant Free Captain who sees one stalking his ship. Most Brigands are now in corsair hands, rebuilt as fast pursuit craft.

The ship’s main armament is a powerful array of high-velocity projectile cannons mounted forward, easily capable of smashing ragged holes in the hulls of enemy craft. Clusters of torpedo tubes on either beam lash out against enemy flanking attacks as the Brigand closes in for the kill.

Brigands are packed with heavily armed assault troops for overwhelming enemy crews in boarding actions. Corsairs prefer taking freighters and other craft with their hulls and cargo intact, but the fate of captured crews can be gruesome indeed.

Corsair Brigands are also studded with clusters of flechette launchers and electronic warfare systems to suppress enemy Point Defence networks. Opponents find their defensive systems paralysed, unable to react as the merciless marauder boarding teams hack and blast their way into their helpless victim’s hull.

Even when withdrawing the Brigand is a terror, scattering clusters of lethal mines in its wake to catch unwary pursuers with a nasty explosive surprise. Cunning captains will also use their mines to lay ambushes.

Every corsair commander either has, or wants, a Brigand squadron to add weight to their strike forces. The most successful leaders paint lurid icons or graffiti on the outer hulls of these sharks of the void, announcing to their victims exactly who is attacking them.

Some desperate commanders tempt corsairs into their service, for the marauder bands are formidable fighters and space farers. However, this action is risky, as corsairs care about little but their fortunes and bear no loyalty except to their own leaders and shipmates. Many a would-be conqueror has ended their days drifting lifeless amidst the wreckage of their flagship, stripped and plundered by their former allies.

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