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Sieger Class Heavy Frigate

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The military of the Scandinavian Teutonic Order boasts some of the most capable boarding specialists in the whole of the Prussian Empire. These martial paragons are the elite of the elite, and offer a swift demise to any warrior foolish enough to stand eye to eye with them in combat.

Delivering these warrior-knights towards ultimate victory is the Sieger Heavy Frigate. A thick and rugged vessel, built to withstand payloads that would shatter lesser ships of its class, the powerful engines speed It deep into enemy lines with haste belying its size.

Flanking the sides of the Sieger, the engineers of the STO have built a formidable package of HVK broadsides. Though less potent than those found on-board larger vessels, the piercing payload, working in concert with its squad mates, unleashes a massive steam of firepower. This ensures that when the Sieger streaks in for its assault run, that any enemies in the vicinity of their target are left crippled and unable to send effective aid!

Though few in number, these cutting-edge Heavy Frigates are a serious threat to the enemies of the fatherland, with both gun and sword!

Contents: 3 models.

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