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Brudern Class Frigate

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Product Code: DWST04



The new STO Naval Armada would require suitable support from a host of smaller vessels to offset the comparatively costly capital assets.

Designed from the hull of venerable Arminus Frigate, the Brudern takes the manoeuvrability and speed of this reliable ship and packs it with an elite team of brother-knights-in-arms. Their sustained assault easily bringing down the crews of any ship that would dare risk closing with an STO capital ship.

The tried-and-tested Tesla Weaponry of the aged Frigate saw a marked upgrade, being replaced with an updated model and set into Fore and Aft turrets, these brutal weapons trade a degree of range for; improved fields of overlapping fire allowing these small vessels to unleash combined barraged that are the envy of Prussian Admirals! The shorter barrel of these new turrets allows for an increased angle of fire, allowing for the Brudern to support its fleet by easily targeting threats from the air. With squads of these freshly launched Frigates at the fore of battle, there is no enemy out of reach of the STO!

Contents: 4 models

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