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Eider MK III Class Battleship

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Having rapidly risen to a position of prominence in the Prussian Navy following its early deployments, the Eider Class Hull was earmarked for re-tooling and re-fitting for more specialised combat roles. Naturally, the Scandinavian Teutonic Order, upon seeing the impressive battlefield performance, placed requisitions for design schematics and assets so they might re-purpose this modern Battleship to better suit their needs.

The Eider Mk III, under the guiding hand of expert and innovative STO engineers, poses a dire threat to the enemies of the Scandinavian Teutonic Order. The mighty warship is host to an array of new and terrible weaponry, recently unleashed from the secret munition laboratories of the STO. The clustered High Velocity Kinetic (HVK) Broadside arrays, unleash a blistering torrent of caseless ammunition. The torrent of fire from these specialised launchers shreds the hulls of their targets, piercing critical bulkheads like a sabre through flesh!

At the vessels fore, two powerful new cannon systems were fitted: Tesla Accelerator Guns. These advanced cannons bring the engineering genius of the STO’s Tesla technology to the front lines. Using a magnetic induction and coiling system, these guns harness the electrical energies of the Mk III’s on-board Tesla Generator to hurl a powerful shell at incredible velocity across the battlefield. The lethal charged dart can shatter the mightiest armour and blast clean through a vessel, practically liquefying the crew within!

The state-of-the-art and top-secret technologies on-board the Mk III Eider, are jealously protected. An aft-mounted Shield Generator, coupled with the Eider’s already rugged design, ensures that most hostile actions are met with disappointment. Should enemies fall into the folly of believing this advanced vessel be vulnerable to assault engagement, they would be met with even further woe. The Mk III hosts a cadre of elite Inner Circle Knights, some of the deadliest combatants of the Dystopian world!

The Scandinavian Teutonic Order have long-waited to extend their military dominance in the oceans of conflict and a commander at helm of the new Mk III Eider will bring victory and glory in the name of the Emperor!

Contents: 1 Battleship model.

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