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Brandenburg Class Invasion Transport

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The thunderous advance of the Scandinavian Teutonic Order’s war machine, with its grinding ranks of war robots, requires herculean efforts in logistics to deliver their Elite fighting force to the numerous flashpoints erupting across the world. Previously, this detail was handled largely by massive land trains and mobile columns, and sometimes rapidly using specialised Sky Ships.

Yet as the Great Conflict burns brighter with the fires of war, the Prussian Empire has pressed the STO to develop a more reliable method of delivering their robotic dominance to warzones isolated across great oceans and for the continued development and fortification of numerous secret polar Forward Operating Strongpoints. After receiving the lion’s share of the Imperial Treasuries development finances, the engineers of the Order were able to deliver the perfect logistical solution: the Brandenburg Invasion Transport.

Built upon the recently minted Gustav Monitor hull, this rugged vessel supports the largest cargo deck of any dedicated military unit, crammed to the gunwales with unit upon unit of battle robots! Crews have nicknamed the vessel the ‘Ark’. Our model features moveable crates so you can stack them how you want!

The two Gustav hulls providing the necessary propulsion to move such a mass to war, allow the ship a startling turn of speed for its size thanks in part to the “doubled-up”, engine-linked Tesla Generator onboard. The Hulls provide not just mobility, but bring a host of potent ordinance to the vessel: Lethal Tesla-Torpedo Broadsides and powerful Fore and Aft Tesla Coil arrays. These systems offer a strong deterrent to enemies that would threaten its advance and can strike targets from any angle of approach.

Blistering the deck, copious Anti-Aircraft arrays ensure that any SAS runs or aggressive boarding efforts would be met with a hail of leaden defiance. Not to be left without a further illustration of fire-superiority, the deck was extended with enough framing to support a pair of cutting-edge Tesla Torpedo Turrets, capable of throwing a massive forward barrage of or adding to the ships already deadly broadsides respectively. Should this mighty weight of ordinance prove insufficient, at moments of greatest peril the Faust Robots on-deck can be activated to engage close enemies with concentrated support from their Tesla Strike!

Yet even more strategically significant than the Brandenburg’s arsenal or durability, is its ability to tow a Metzger Class War Robot! Using a pair of Magnetic-Couplers mounted at the ships aft, the vessel can swiftly tug one of these mighty butchers deep into battle. Then, with a quick release of the magnetic link, the war machine is immediately loosed to free-combat movement at a moment’s notice! Sowing destruction and chaos amongst the front lines or rapidly advancing into a landfall position.

With the support of a Brandenburg Invasion ship, no lands are safe from the wrath of the Teutonic Order, regardless of distance or isolation. A development that surely will mark a tipping point for the Great Conflict and the aspirations of the Imperial Bond!

Contents: 1 massive model.

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