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Russian Coalition Pakhtusov Class Battleship

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Product Code: DWRC54

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As the sciences and technologies of the world’s grow in power, so too must the might of the Great Bear! Under personal review of the Tsar himself, the munitions and navy of the Russian Coalition went into a furious re-development during 1875. A new hull, modern and able to keep pace with an ever-evolving enemy was designed in secret shipyards of the Coalition’s frozen north. Flanked with a massive, thunderous broadside, the Pakhtusov class Battleship charges mightily into battle with massive over-clocked engines, boosted with a powerful, yet unstable, Sturginium fuel load. Bolstered with thick layers of ablative armour plating, the fortified hull is impossibly tough and is further protected from enemy attack by a powerful Target Jammer Generator, ensuring that this bloated beast of a ship arrives unscathed to the enemy lines so it may deliver the Tsar’s wrath with devastating effect!

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