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Albion Class Demi-Dreadnought

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Nation: Kingdom of Britannia
Famous Named Ship: HMS Sussex
Classification: Albion Class Demi-Dreadnought
Designation: Naval Capital Ship. Squadron Size 1
Kickstarter ‘Admiral of the Fleet’ Backer: Dayve Walsh

When Dayve came to us with the idea for the Albion we were delighted to be able to create an ‘older’ Britannia model. So much so that we got all excited and went away and create our new Dominion of Canada fleet!

He had a lot of great ideas for the Albion (or HMS Sussex as he named his famous vessel – again, we liked his ideas that much that we even wrote the Sussex into our Operation: Bronze Typhoon Campaign). Have a read of some of the design queues for the model:

• A hulking and aged vessel. Older in design concept than the current naval designs of the Kingdom of Britannia (KoB), this was the first Demi-Dreadnought for the nation. Built from a rugged non-military vessel and heavily modified for war, the core concept behind it being a line breaker. Ploughs into a line of enemy ships, crosses the “T” and unloads a powerful payload of broadside torpedoes and gunnery.

• Layers of segmented ablative armour padding. More pronounced and “featured” than those found in Russia. This is a modified ship and as such has a large amount of ablative plates and modifications to make it more durable for its close quarter action.

• First generation External Shield Generator. One of the first of its kind, whilst bleeding edge technology it needed an air of sophistication and complicated craftsmanship. Built into the hull it carries special rules that mean things don’t always go to plan!

• A staggering Broadside capability! Able to swivel slightly, but only capable of firing in a Broadside Arc, these guns are the “main” armament of the vessel. Huge amounts of attack power out the flanks.

• Behind the prow of the Sussex sits a powerful breach Mortar weapon. Fires in a fixed straight channel. The idea being to bombard the enemy as the Sussex steams in to unleash its crushing Broadside weaponry!

• Under the port and starboard Broadsides are a row of Torpedo tubes, popping out from behind the armour plating that runs along the sides.

• A powerful engine system, now bolstered with Sturginium boosting technology, propels this beast of a vessel.

The Albion Demi-Dreadnought is now available to pre-order. If you want to make Dayve a happy man grab your model now!

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