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Covenant of Antarctica Herodotus Class Drone Launcher Walker

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Product Code: DWI0422

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The Herodotus Class Drone Launcher Walker is truly a
monstrous envisioning of the future of warfare, this arachnid behemoth strides
across the battlefield on its four colossal legs. Its thick metallic carapace,
infused with stabilised Sturginium ores, shrugs off the pattering of machinegun
fire and the crack of artillery as it moves into position. Once there it raises
its massive thorax, the armoured launch racks concealed within firing wave
after wave of drones into the sky, a serpentine mess of machinery within
replacing the drones almost as soon as they are launched. Nestled within the
abdomen of the Herodotus is the telltale torus of the Covenant’s most deadly
weapon; the Particle Accelerator, capable of launching deadly salvo strikes
into battle.

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