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Erie Class Torpedo Corvette

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The vast domain of Canada is a land rich in natural resources and strategic territorial positions. The massive expanses of the Dominions coastlines offer unparalleled access to these assets for trade and supply routes to the Grand Coalition, but also constitutes a glaring threat of invasion. Patrolling and safeguarding this vast expanse is a constant endeavour and the Dominion Navy has crafted the perfect vessel for such a task: The Erie Torpedo Corvette.

Sleek and elusive, these lightning fast ships dauntlessly patrol off the shores of the Dominion, constantly scouting for lurking threats. The sheer volume of Erie Squadrons in service, require a massive amount of crew to operate and as such, are manned by large teams of Citizen Conscripts. These patriots proudly serve in their duties, ever vigilant and fully capable of delivering an assault when called to battle.

The Erie, operating primarily as a coastal patrol and support ship, is outfit with a fore-mounted Torpedo Launcher. Packed with lethal, shrapnel blasting warheads, these torpedoes aid in the corvettes efforts at hamstringing an enemy’s ability to launch a decisive martial offense and following a successful barrage, allow for a mighty boarding counter charge with a crushing weight of superior numbers.

Deceptively simple, the Erie Torpedo Corvette is a potent and effective ship that constitutes a vital lynchpin of the Dominion of Canada’s Naval Strategy!

Contents: 5 models.

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