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Amherst Class Cruiser

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Since gaining a stronger degree of independent autonomy during the early stages of the World War, the Dominion of Canada has been rapidly increasing its self-reliance on the field of battle. Developing their own warships to better defend their massive coastlines has become a priority for the nation, as they are increasingly beset at all sides from enemies which view them as a weak-link in the Grand Coalition that might be easily shattered.

The Amherst Light Cruiser represents one of the DoC’s earliest efforts at building up their Navy. Simple, effective and cheap to manufacture. These ships are constructed using venerable designs and a re-tooled surplus British Cruisers… all generously sold to the Dominion at a highly competitive rate!

Mounting a tried and true Primary Turret at its Fore and a layered in ablative armour, this utilitarian cruiser gets the job done without the frills and pomp found dressing the ships of the Great Nations. The prow of the ship sports a classic Fore Torpedo tube array, yet unlike the advanced designs found in the Kingdom of Britannia, these torpedoes feature a more aggressive close-range timer and pack a lethal shrapnel payload. This aims to even the playing-field when in the event that the battle turns into a boarding frenzy, when the Citizen-Soldier Crews swarm enemy decks in an effort to bring them down!

As generator technology is still an expensive prospect for the Canadians, careful consideration must be used when fielding these advanced devices in battle. To that end, squadrons of Amherst Light Cruisers will sometimes have a single member outfit as a Squadron Leader. The ship acts as a command vessel, and is upgraded with an improved team of veteran marines, replaces its Primary Turret with a powerful Torpedo Turret and a mid-ranged Target Painter generator. Through careful use of its Target Painter the Squadron Leader can allow its unit to deliver devastating attacks!

Contents: 4 Light Cruisers and Squadron Leader upgrade components.

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