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Saint Jean Class Assault Carrier

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Operating with limited Airship assets, the Dominion of Canada’s Defence Forces require utmost durability and reliability in delivering their precious SAS elements into battle. The Saint Jean Class Assault Carrier is a paragon of this concept, constituting one of the sturdiest ships in their fledgling armada. Its long hull, built from a de-commissioned KoB Battleship, has been augmented with copious layers of ablative plating, bolstering the already solid structure with armour far thicker than those found in use by her enemies. An integrated Shield Generator pushes the Saint Jean’s durability to astonishing levels, casting aside heavy attacks to deliver Attack Wing support deep into enemy lines.

To ensure that retaliation from foes is met with failure, the flanks of this hulking beast bristles with massive banks of Volley Gun Broadsides. These massed rows of guns offer an improved rate of fire to those found employed by the Federated States, and can deliver a heavy payload of reliable firepower at even greater range from their layered, double-stacked positioning.

As its primary weapon, the Saint Jean sports a powerful Heavy Assault Cannon at its Fore, protected under the massive expanse of its flight deck. This devilish cluster of rapid-firing pepperboxes fires a large payload of lower-calibre rounds, at medium range and with a nauseating rapidity. Any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in the veritable stream of shells, is torn into worthless shreds of scrap in the blink of an eye!

With powerful weapons built into its solid frame and supported with a large complement of assault marines, the Saint Jean Assault Carrier is the flagship of choice for many a DoC Commodore!

Contents: 1 Assault Carrier model, 5 SAS Tokens and 1 Movement Trays and Dice

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