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Newfoundland Battleship

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The lineage of the Dominion of Canada’s Navy stems directly from the Kingdom of Britannia’s maritime progress. As her Majesty’s fleets were upgraded with newer designs, a surplus of retired vessels left the battlefields of the world and found their way into the breakers yard. Dominion of Canada War Ministers, seeing opportunity in these hulls, made a formal request to the Royal Navy for the rights to buy them.

One of the most significant portions of this acquisition, was a large number of Ruler Battleship hulls. This venerable war-machine was a veteran of innumerable campaigns. Its multiple weapon bays and drop-in hard points was seen by the engineers of the Dominion as the perfect platform upon which to innovate. The Newfoundland Battleship is the result of these endeavours. A solid ship of the line, upgraded with a durable layer of ablative plating encasing the length of its hull, and the addition of a shield generator in its midsection gives this brawler even greater resilience.

A decision was made to remove Torpedo tubes from the hull in favour of bolstering the Broadside capability. Taking design cues from the mighty Albion Class Demi-Dreadnought, an array of Canadian built Volley Gun turrets was crammed into the Battleships flanks, in a stacked layer position.

The remaining drop points can host a variety of weapon systems such as double barrelled primary turrets or heavy flame throwers for close ranged engagements.

Contents: 1 Battleship model and two sets of Turrets.

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