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Covenant of Antarctica Coeus Dreadnought Battle Robot

Our Price: £45.00

Product Code: DWCA50

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Who knows what goes on in the minds of the Covenant engineer-cadres. Clearly the creation of the Coeus Robot takes its inspiration from nature, but it requires a mind unfettered by constraint to envisage a creature-robot-creation of such epic proportions!

Capable of performing on Land and on Sea, the Coeus mounts a powerful Particle Accelerator that is tied into the robots combat methodology. The flexible plates that make up its outer carapace make the creature-robot highly adaptive to its environment, allowing it to twist and grapple with its opponents, ready to bite down with its powerful mandible jaws prior to ejecting its particle weapon deep into the workings of its prey.

When forced to remain on the surface, the Coeus opens up its back blisters to reveal the multiple rocket batteries that are housed within. These missiles use a form of lock-on technology allowing the ‘Dread-Robot’ to essentially ‘fire and forget’ while it rushes to close with its intended prey.

Current information from spies within the Covenant had the mighty Coeus Dreadnought Battle Robot being primarily tasked with the defence of the settlements surrounding the Covenant home base on Antarctica, however in recent months there have been documented sightings in northern Africa, Australasia, and even eastern Europe, leading many military planners to suggest that the forces of the Covenant have been slowly stockpiling their ‘Dread Robots’ ready to unleash them on their enemies in a stunning lightning attack – this belief has led to a strengthening of subterranean and surface defences around the major power centres of the core nations, each concerned that it will be they who suffer the wrath of a concerted, nigh-unstoppable Coeus assault.

  • 1 resin and pewter multi-part, highly detailed Coeus Battle Robot
  • Multiple components allow for either a land or sea-based model to be assembled
  • Whichever option you choose, each comes with a stunningly detailed diorama base
  • The ground model stands 90mm (base to top of antennae)

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