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Chinese Federation Naval Battle Group

Our Price: £47.50

Product Code: DWAL51

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As the World War rages, a new giant awakens in the Far East - the forces of the Chinese Federation arise to take a stand against those who would violate its territory.

As the Dao Class Cruisers, Yue Destroyers and Nu Class Frigates form up around their Jian Class Battleship, a Chinese Federation fleet takes the appearance of a castle floating on the high-seas. Hulls plated in armour of extraordinary resilience, sacrificing speed in favour of incredible durability, the fleet advances on the enemy. Immune to their long range fire, the Emperor’s fleet is free to fire away with its rockets and broadside volleys, before closing in for the kill with a combination of massed assault marines and flame weapons.

  • 1 Jian Class Battleship
  • 1 Guan Dao Class Battle Cruiser
  • 3 Dao Class Cruisers
  • 3 Chui Class Support Carriers
  • 4 Nu Class Frigates
  • 4 Yue Class Destroyers
  • 22 SAS Tokens
  • 5 SAW Trays
  • 1 TAC Deck
  • 3 Token & Template Sheets (A5)

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