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Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Clash Brigade

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Product Code: DWAC05

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The Covenant of Antarctica fields the most advanced weapons ever seen on the battlefield. A combination of strange energy weapons and powerful generators make the Covenant a challenging enemy to engage and defeat.

A Combined Armoured Group forms the bedrock of the Brigade, with Battalions of Atticus and Xenophon walkers to keep the enemy occupied. Meanwhile, their Arrnox Driller can burrow through the very ground itself, passing under defensive lines before bursting forth to deploy its deadly arsenal.

A Combined Fire Support Regiment of Socrates and Skorpios Bombards gives a Covenant Brigade unmatched firepower at long range. An Orpheus drone controller takes this further still, its 'eyes in the skies' virtually ensuring that the Bombards' lethal attacks will strike dead on target.

Finally, a Chrono-Translocation Echelon supports the Brigade with its devastating Mk II Callimachus walker which is equipped with a terrifying Fissure Generator, a device which focuses the power of multiple energy weapons into a single devastating attack. By turning the most terrifying of scientific developments against its enemies, a Covenant Brigade is a formidable force to control on the battlefield.

The contents of this boxed set are compatible for use with both the Armoured Clash and Dystopian Wars Victorian super science fiction wargames rule sets.

  • 1 Aronnax Class Submersible
  • 6 Atticus Medium Walkers
  • 6 Xenophon Class Small Walker Bases
  • 1 Orpheus Class Drone Controller
  • 3 Tiny Flyer Tokens
  • 6 Socrates Class Bombards
  • 4 Scorpios Class Heavy Bombards
  • 1 Callmachus Class Time Dilation Orb
  • 6 Janus Class Small Walkers
  • 24 Dice
  • 1 Acrylic Ruler
  • 2 Token Sheets (A5)
  • 10 Scenic Resin Buildings
  • 1 6" Scenic Bridge
  • 4 Activation Cards

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