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Covenant of Antarctica Heroes of the Nation Set

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The Heroes of the Covenant are the courageous men and women who inspire this small nation to great things. A mix of scientists, grizzled veterans and daring soldiers, they have risen through the ranks using their own genius to rightly earn the moniker of ‘Hero’. The Covenant of Antarctica Heroes Set includes the following highly detailed miniatures:

Alfonso Bertonello Captain Alfonso Bertonello heralds from Italy. As a young man Alfonso served as a soldier in the forces of the Italian States, where he was known for being highly capable, if not somewhat headstrong. Frustrated by the Italian forces reliance on lineage over capability, and increasingly disillusioned by the factionalism of his home country, he defected to the Covenant, and through a combination of hard work and courage he has risen to the rank of Captain. Daring and resourceful, he is just the sort of officer suited to command the forces of the Covenant on their daring missions around the world.

Leopold ‘The Scrivener’ Born in Austria, Leopold Groer is a complex and eccentric writer, cataloguer and adventurer who has travelled to numerous far and distant places in his quest to find out everything he can about his life’s obsession: time and space. To say this subject is his obsession is an understatement, but what is certainly true is that Leopold is as capable with complex mathematics and engineering as he is with a pen. He claims to have discovered much about the fabric of space-time, and is said to be completing a great work to be published on the topic - and his obsession makes him a perfect advisor to Lord Sturgeon. Alfonso Bertonello and Leopold are unbreakable friends who have saved each other’s lives on countless occasions during their adventures.

Olga Hammarström & M.U.D. Mk II Captain Olga Hammarström is a former native of Norway, but now finds herself a citizen of the Covenant. Trained as a capable and deadly Commando, it was quickly realised she had an aptitude for command. But what came as a surprise to her superiors was her fascination with machinery and engineering. Brilliant when working with Automata and Drones, her ability to co-ordinate these machines on the battlefield is unparalleled, her pride and joy being her latest creation M.U.D. MK II. Olga describes her creation as a Mobile Utility Drone, hence the shortened name. M.U.D. is built around a modified and scaled down Sonic Generator which produces a strange and eerily haunting range of noises that can have interesting effects on the battlefield.

Monique DuBois The younger daughter of Colonel Dubois, one of the DGS’ finest officers, Monique joined the ranks of the Covenant nation shortly after her father’s death. An expert with all mechanisms from basic clockwork to far more complex Vault derived technology, Monique settled into a comfortable routine in one of the many laboratories in Wells Chasm. Of a kindly nature, albeit shy, Monique’s initial years in Antarctica were exactly what she had hoped for: quiet days spent exploring the intricacies of machinery, with a few new friends for company; a far cry from her life back in Paris. Her work quickly drew the attention, however, of senior figures when she successfully tested a prototype logic engine that mirrored that of the large Iron Men employed by the War Fleets. Since that time, Monique has worked tirelessly to perfect the new Automata combat drones that are now filling the military ranks of the Covenant. This has caused her a fair degree of emotional angst, but she is nothing if not a true believer in the Covenant’s mission, constantly reminding herself that ‘she who desires peace must prepare for war.’ Out in the field for the first time, Monique makes herself useful by focusing on that which she understands best: machines. A role that both keeps her out of danger and also allows her to ignore the chaotic dystopian world she now finds herself inhabiting.

  • Contains:
  • 1 x Alfonso
  • 1 x Leopold 'The Scrivener'
  • 1 x Olga
  • 1 x M.U.D
  • 1 x Monique
  • All models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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