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Covenant of Antarctica Commando Expansion Set

Our Price: £30.00

Product Code: DLCA43

From the Drone Relay Commando, capable of coordinating support from special Drones on the battlefield, to the lethal Rigel Heavy Energy Rifle, the forces of the Covenant are a force worthy of respect and fear from their enemies!

This boxed set is designed to be used in conjunction with the Covenant of Antarctica Commando Box, and allows both boxes when used in concert to create any of the backbone Sections of a Covenant of Antarctica army, from an Infantry Officer Section to a Commando Battle Section, a Fire Base Section or a Heavy Fire Base Support Section. Vital in maintaining discipline, and providing leadership and courage, the NCO is the backbone of a Section, able to issue orders and maintain discipline in the face of deadly assault, or leading by example as their Section charges forward. The Rigel Heavy Energy Rifle is a highly advanced energy weapon capable of dealing significant damage at long ranges. Although Cumbersome - it is used by infantry on large tripods - its bright flickering green beam has struck terror in many opponents. The Drone Relay back pack is specially designed to co-ordinate with flexible skimming ball drones. The ball drones are a hardy and simple design, able to accommodate a range of hardware packs designed to support Covenant forces in the field, from surveillance to motion tracking and swift communication with officers in the field, and even weaponry!

  • Contains:
  • 1x NCO
  • 3x Rigel Heavy Energy Rifle Gun Teams
  • 1x Specialist with a Proxima Energy Blaster
  • 1x Commando Specialist with a Drone relay pack and 3x Ball Drones.
  • All models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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